Stephen Mason


Steve is the founding partner of the business and has worked tirelessly for decades growing the business, cultivating relationships with the region's biggest developers through hard work and high-quality workmanship.


He is an experienced bricklayer who still works on site providing guidance to others.


His experience is vital in the business structure and in commercial operations.

Ross Mason


Ross is an experienced bricklayer who has worked for the biggest developers in the UK. 


As a hands-on operator Ross sets an example to other bricklayers not only in what constitutes quality brickwork but also in his general attitude and pride in the job.


Under Ross' stewardship, the business has been awarded three 'Pride In The Job Awards', the most recent being in June 2020.

Jack Mason


Jack joined the Company in June 2016 as a contracts manager.


Since leaving University; he has worked for several large companies prior to taking a position as a Finance Manager for a private healthcare company where he helped grow the business over a six-year period.


His experience and knowledge will no-doubt have a positive effect on the way the business moves forward in the long-term.


Our workforce


We only work with the most experienced and skilled bricklayers, this ensures a level of consistency across our sites.


Each site operates with a foreman/supervisor present at all times.


We never work with bricklayers we don't know personally.


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